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Who May Apply:
Membership within the AJBF-NSD is open to all legitimate practitioners of the Japanese and Okinawan martial arts.  
We have the following divisions of traditional budo and bujutsu:

    • Karate:    Empty-hand Arts of Okinawa & Japan, along with Kobudo
    • Jujutsu:  Self-protections arts of traditional Japanese lineage
    • Judo:      Traditional Kodokan Judo as founded by Jigoro Kano Sensei
    • Aikido:   Traditional Aikido styles descended from Morihei Ueshiba Sensei
    • Kendo:   Kendo as defined by the All Japan Kendo Federation
    • Iaido:    Traditional sword arts focusing on drawing techniques (iai/batto)

      Like other organizations, the AJBF-NSD utilizes the Kyu / Dan system to confer rank in each division.  In addition, the AJBF-NSD issues the traditional instructor licenses (shogo) of Renshi, Kyoshi and Hanshi to qualified members.

      Membership within the AJBF-NSD is open to all legitimate practitioners of the Japanese and Okinawan martial arts.  
      The following types of membership are available:

      • Individual Full Membership. (Train Directly under Nippon Seibukan Rules and Regulations)
      • Individual Affiliate Membership. (Train under own dojo rules and regulations and participate in Nippon Seibukan Activities)
      • Honorary membership. (Special Rules apply)

      Membership Process:

      To become a member in Australia, applicants must first contact the Australian Shidoin

      • Copies of their current Menjo (certificates of rank)
      • Training history (in resume format)
      • Academic/professional resume
      • 4 x Passport sized photos
      • Additional items as deemed necessary by the Shidoin or Hombu

            If approved by the Australian Shidoin--and this may require an in-person interview in addition to the application--the information will be forwarded to the Hombu in Japan for final approval.  Please note that the World Chief Instructor has the final say in all membership applications submitted to the AJBF-NSD.  If accepted, specific fees will need to be remitted to the Australian hombu, at which time appropriate recognition of current qualifications will then be issued (i.e. menjo) to the new member. Applicants must complete a 12 month initial probation period before further recognition is available

            Access to Grade recognition from Japan in your chosen Budo Style is available after the initial probation period in Australia and may require individual attendance and demonstration of your chosen Budo style in Japan before the certifying representatives .

            For specific directions and to initiate the membership process, please contact the Australian Shidoin

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